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Literally changed my life I hold Greg Cox personally responsible for getting me into university. I wasn't the greatest student, often not completing work that had been assigned to me. However Greg never gave up on me and was always supportive. He made the subject matter more interesting and easier to understand than what I learned in lessons at school. Ultimately, I would never have achieved any where near what I did in my A-levels and my life today would be completely different. 

Jack Little gave 5 stars

Got me into university and now I have a PhD in the Theoretical Physics! When I first started working with Greg I lacked the work ethic and confidence to perform well in my physics and mathematics A levels. Greg's patience and teaching ability gave me the skills and attitude towards work I needed not just to succeed in my A levels, but to also continue through an undergraduate and masters degree to finally completing a PhD in Theoretical Physics earlier this year. I now work as research physicist at a world class university. Greg is responsible for setting me off in the right direction early on in my academic career when I was struggling to get on to the right track and for that I am forever grateful. Thanks a lot Greg! 

Dr Duncan Little gave 5 stars

I wouldn't be in uni without his help! Greg Helped me turn around my A Levels. Everything was wrong about my work ethic, study techniques and attitude towards Maths and Physics. He gave insight into how everyday items work, which enabled me to appreciate and better understand physics and mechanics around me. A body other than school in which work had to be handed to. This helped increase my productivity, and I was also provided with constructive feedback. A direct approach on how to understand what format and style of questions will be asked, this helped to develop my confidence and exam technique. An ability to explain concepts beyond the depth provided in textbooks. Often I found textbooks to be very shallow and unable to provide me with a true understanding at A level, Greg was able to aid me with this. 

William Buckley gave 5 stars

Excellent physics tutor Greg provides an excellent service. My understanding of this subject has improved significantly not only the theory but also a broader knowledge in general. Greg was polite, punctual and very professional in his teaching and I would certainly recommend him. I certainly wouldn't have got the grade I needed to get into university without his help. Thanks Greg. 

Daniel Wallace gave 5 stars

Saved my Physics grade. When I first contacted Greg I was in year 12 studying AS-Level Physics. I was in a dire situation, working at just above a U grade. Within just a few months, Greg and I managed to turn it around, and I eventually achieved the grade I wanted. At the start of Year 13 (A2 year) I decided that having Greg's tuition from the start of the course would be necessary for me to get into University. We worked throughout the year and, again, I achieved the grade I needed in the subject, allowing me to attend Bristol University. He definitely took me a long way from barely scraping past a U grade in year 12! To summarize, Greg is a friendly, knowledgeable and motivational tutor who portrays the ideas of Physics to someone with a lesser understanding very well, and I would definitely recommend him to anybody. 

Alex Thomas gave 5 stars

Top class tutor! I met Greg when I was studying for my A-Levels after lots of positive reviews from friends. After really struggling in both Core Maths and Mechanics in year 12, I obtained a C grade in my AS maths, despite needing A's to achieve a place at my desired university. Therefore, I decided to have a tutor to help me through my re-sits and A2 maths. Greg was brilliant! He was able to explain complex concepts to me in a way that was easy to understand and tailored his sessions to the student. Additionally, he was approachable, patient, professional and a genuinely nice bloke! I am now studying at a Russell Group university after Greg helped me achieve my A grade. Greg helped me massively and his approach has even inspired me to take on the role of a student mentor in secondary schools. Thanks Greg! I would 100% recommend MandGCTutors! 

Chris Morrison gave 5 stars

Excellent Tutoring! I met Greg after I hadn't attained the grades I wanted in my A2 exams in physics and maths but after his help and expertise I managed to get what I wanted and even achieved 100% in one of my physics exams. A tutor that is really easy to engage with that helps to make the subject more interesting. Highly recommended!

Finn O'Meara gave 5 stars

Excellent I first started seeing Greg after trying a string of unreliable tutors and was very impressed by his attitude and enthusiasm. The most important thing that he can teach is not just a grasp of concepts but a real understanding of how to approach them, as this is what is necessary to achieve the higher grades and also what is required at university level. Greg was especially helpful with the six mark essay questions which so many people struggle with and explained all concepts in far greater detail and clarity than any textbook. I am now studying Mechanical Engineering at Hull and my decision to pursue Engineering over Physics was directly influenced by Greg. Greg has gone above and beyond the efforts of any of my other tutors and I would absolutely recommend him! 

William Pritchard gave 5 stars

Great tutor 4 years ago while taking my A levels I was struggling with my further maths work, my school only scheduled 2 hours per week of lessons, so consequently I was left to do the rest independently - clearly a very hard task. This is why I decided to use Greg as a tutor. He took a very friendly approach in helping me understand the new, alternative mathematical concepts that were presented with the further maths modules, and would often make the problems more interesting by explaining real world applications they could be used for. Overall I received solid A level results and have now completed a mathematics degree at a Russell group university. Greg is also very caring and interested in his students futures, he has subsequently kept in touch with me over the last 4 years. I would highly recommend Greg and MandGCTutors. 

Toby gave 5 stars

Everyone seem to have him as their tutor! Greggs help was one of the key factors into getting me to where I am now! I am in university studying architecture and without his help I wouldn't be here right now. Gregg has a way of helping you understand the most difficult formulas by breaking it down into the basics and not only that but you learn WHY it works rather than just to plug numbers into formula. I think I learnt more from Greg than I did my teachers and I am so greatful! If you are looking for a very committed, very friendly and warm tutor then this is the place to go. 

Aaron Carl Jones gave 5 stars

Why choose anyone else? During my A levels, I began to struggle with Physics, which I needed at an A grade along with Mathematics and Chemistry to get into my chosen University. After hearing very good things about Greg from multiple friends, I decided that he was the right man to go to. Greg does not only help you with problems you may have, but he also helps you understand the concepts behind them which I believe is very important in attaining a high mark in any exam. Although Greg may specialise in Physics, his understanding of Mathematics and Chemistry are just as good and I was able to acquire help on these two subjects too if I needed. Fast forward my life and Greg proved to play a pivotal role in aiding me to attain my A in Physics along with my A's in Mathematics and Chemistry. This allowed me to study my Chosen degree of Chemical Engineering at University, and Greg's tutoring still helps me now as it has helped me to attain a very good mark in my first year and has subsequently led to me securing a very good Industrial Placement for third year. I could not recommend Greg enough to anybody struggling with STEM related subjects and at any level. Cheers Greg! 

Dominic Parente gave 5 stars

Great tutor Greg was recommended to me after I hadn't attained the grades I wanted in my A2 exams in physics, but after his help I managed to do extremely well and am now studying at a top university. He is fully engaging and kept me on track. Highly recommend!

Matt gave 5 stars