Trust PilotWe specialise in tutoring A-level Mathematics, Further Maths and Physics. Reviews in Trustpilot show that our tutoring has a major impact on the performance of our students. One to one coaching means we tailor lessons to each individual's need. But the thing that makes MandGCTutors unique is that we use a vast experience of science, technology and engineering to relate exam subjects to real world situations. Dry, scholastic concepts then become far more relevant, interesting and easier to grasp. Read the reviews by past students who say that we made the subjects relevant to them. They claim that the skills learned with us have benefited them both in exam results and also at university.

open quotation markTop class tutor!

I met Greg when I was studying for my A-Levels after lots of positive reviews from friends. After really struggling in both Core Maths and Mechanics in year 12, I obtained a C grade in my AS maths, despite needing A's to achieve a place at my desired university. Therefore, I decided to have a tutor to help me through my re-sits and A2 maths. Greg was brilliant! He was able to explain complex concepts to me in a way that was easy to understand and tailored his sessions to the student. Additionally, he was approachable, patient, professional and a genuinely nice bloke! I am now studying at a Russell Group university after Greg helped me achieve my A grade. Greg helped me massively and his approach has even inspired me to take on the role of a student mentor in secondary schools. Thanks Greg! I would 100% recommend MandGCTutors!close quotation mark

Chris Morrison gave 5 stars

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Tutoring in a nutshell

MandGCTutors are confident that you will be delighted with our results so we do not ask for a long term commitment from you or advance payments. All you need to do is contact us by phone or email, to discuss your requirements and arrange a first lesson. The rate we charge for an hour's lesson is £30. Ongoing lesson are done on the basis of need, we'll both know when you've reached the required level. Simple as that.

Time to first Maths exams

Below is a countdown timer for the first maths exams. If you exclude school holidays that means you have just weeks left to be tutored!


Benefits of One to One Tutoring

Tutoring fulfils a completely different and complimentary function to teaching. An experienced tutor will adjust to the learning requirements of an individual pupil in a way that is impossible for a class teacher. The world renown tutorial system of Oxford and Cambridge Universities is one of the main factors that set them apart from other universities. Wether you need A-star exam grades or just want to keep up in class, tuition will help you achieve your full potential. Read more about the benefits of tutoring.

Step up to A-level

A-level exams are much more demanding than GCSE where bright students can often just cram at the last minute. To succeed at A-level and beyond you need to establish a much more structured study regime and to work steadily throughout the year. If you haven't already done that, a tutor is a great way of establishing the required study regime. People contact us a few weeks before the exams when it is really hard to catch up. You can always ease back on tutoring later when you have everything under control. Waiting till just before the exams is not a recipe for success!

First Exams of 2018

Maths C1 is on the Wednesday 16th May 2018, and the first Physics exams are on the 4th June 2018. Will you be ready?