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Looking for expert tuition in A-level Physics? Want to achieve the highest grade possible? Would like Physics to be more relevant and even interesting? Need to get real answers to your more complex questions? Already working hard but want to find our how to work smarter and more efficiently because there just isn't enough time! Or just need to improve on poor AS results?
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We really believe the answer is one to one coaching by an enthusiastic Physicist who will help you develop a real understanding of Physics and learn to gain and apply your knowledge in the most efficient way. Then you will develop a real confidence which will help in class, with homework and in exams and even help you through University. Don't just take my word for it read the reviews on Trustpilot below. 

Please do not hesitate to phone or send me an email if you'd like to know more about the home the tutoring we can provide within a 10 mile radius of Chester.

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open quotation markGot me into university and now I have a PhD in the Theoretical Physics! When I first started working with Greg I lacked the work ethic and confidence to perform well in my physics and mathematics A levels. Greg's patience and teaching ability gave me the skills and attitude towards work I needed not just to succeed in my A levels, but to also continue through an undergraduate and masters degree to finally completing a PhD in Theoretical Physics earlier this year. I now work as research physicist at a world class university. Greg is responsible for setting me off in the right direction early on in my academic career when I was struggling to get on to the right track and for that I am forever grateful. Thanks a lot Greg!close quotation mark

Dr D A Little     gave 5 stars

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How Tutoring Works

We're confident that once you start tutoring with us you will be delighted with your progress. For that reason we do not ask for a long term commitment from you. All you need to do is contact us, with your parents approval if you are under 18 years, and arrange a first lesson. At the first lesson we will go through things that you want to work on and also look at some searching pre-prepared physics questions. At the end of the hour we'll review it, with your parents, and agree a way forward, usually a lesson a week. Tutoring costs £28 for the first lesson and for each following hour's lesson..

Physics IS Rocket Science

Space Shuttle Atlantis taking off People often say "it's not rocket science", but when you are dealing with Physics it is rocket science, or at least the equations that govern all the major aspects of rocketry are from Physics. For more details of the rocket science that is in various A-level syllabus look at my article on the Physics of Rockets Physics of Rockets

Physics & Maths Tutor Greg

Greg CoxI have an honours degree in Physics and for over ten years have specialised in coaching A-level Maths and Physics. My students have a very high success rate in achieving admission to their first choice, mainly Russell group universities. Please call if you want to discuss your particular requirements.

Take A Video Tutorial Now!

Below is one of my "Concepts of Physics" videos, it will give you an idea of the way I make Physics more relevant and give you a deeper understanding of the key parts of your syllabus. It is so important to gain a really in deep understand of Physics in order to attain to the higher grades at A-level. Examiners can ask searching questions so that a superficial understanding just won't be enough. Try my video..