About MandGCtutoring

MandGCTutoring was established in 2006 so has many years experience of providing top quality A level tuition. Our key objective is to develop a real interest and understanding of the subjects rather than just impart knowledge.The Oxford English Dictionary defines wisdom as including the combination of experience and knowledge with the ability to apply these judiciously, that is what we endeavour to develop in our students. This is particularly important for Maths and Physics because the exam questions can require some pretty divergent thinking! We find that this approach makes the subjects much more interesting so that study is no longer such hard work. A-level subjects should be interesting and fun, we do our best to make it that, see some of our smart tips.

The success stories of some of our past pupils

Below are a number of examples of the problems people first approached me with and the excellent outcomes that followed, resulting being accepted for entry to their first choice universities in 2015

Entry to Top University after disappointing AS results

This pupil breezed through GCSE with good grades and expected to do the same with AS papers, but ended up with E's and U's. His mother heard of me through an associate, whose sons Id tutored, and arranged for tuition once a week from the start of upper 6th. Work was initially still a real slog but I started to show him that the physics was not as useless a subject as he had thought, that maths was really do-able and could give excellent result for not too much effort if you approached it smartly e.g. it is reasonable to aim for 100% in C1 and C2 resists at the end of upper 6th. Also Physics really has some useful applications in real life. With a little help and advice from me he started getting really into electronics, he built some simple circuits that really worked, including a basic amp for his electric guitar. Guess what, he got A's in Maths and Physics and hes now reading Electronics at a very prestigious university.

Need to ensure A grades

Many pupils are coping pretty well with 6th form but need an extra bit of understanding to ensure an top grades for first choice university. This is a very common scenario with several example each year. One particular student has had tutoring from me for most of the upper sixth. Physics was not his main subject but needed AAB to get into first choice university, to read Accounting. The his main subjects of Maths and Economics were not a problem but predicted grade for Physics was C. We spent most of our time going over difficult questions from past papers and the text book. He developed a real understanding of how to approach the difficult questions including the dreaded essay questions. He obtained the required grades including a strong B in Physics and has just been accepted by a very prestigious, first choice university.

From E's to A grades after coming to us, following having to repeat upper 6th

One of our major success stories of 2015 was a pupil who breezed through GCSE, followed this with reasonable AS results, then really disappointed in A2 Maths and Physics, with U and E grades. A number of his class had been tutored by me in Maths, Physics or both, but at the time he thought hed be OK on his own. However after the poor results he contacted me and we worked together for the whole of this year and he changed his grades from U and E to straight A's in both Maths (which included 100% on C3 just regretted not resitting C4 which stopped an A*) and Physics, and has been accepted for his first choice Russell Group University. He told me that I made the subjects a lot more interesting and possible to relate to so that studying was a lot less of a chore. He also said I'd shown him how to work hard and enjoy it a skill that will be useful for Uni and the rest of his life.